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  • Liability Disclosure.

  • Please have a credit card ready to confirm and secure your order. As all our signs are prepared for you we cannot complete this process without a valid Visa/MC credit card. You are welcome to pay us by cash or cheque but we do need a credit card on file to process your request. If you have any questions you can call us at 1 800 546 2141 .
  • 1- The renter agrees to pay for any missing signs, whether taken as keepsake by anyone from the assigned property or by complete strangers. 2- We are not responsible for fallen signs. We will do our utmost to install the lawn sign display but we cannot control the weather. In case of extreme wind conditions, the display should be taken down so it does not become a potential hazard until the weather conditions subside. If the sign does fall over, then it is easy for you to put back up, once the wind has died down. 3- Birthdaysigns , it`s owners, employees and contractors cannot be held responsible for damage or injury caused by our displays. Children must not be allowed to run around the displays as some of the critters have sharp edges and can cause injury. Renters must use their best judgement on whether to leave a sign up in severe weather. 5- The renter agrees and assumes all liabilities involved with the rental of these rental items and the property it is installed on. 6- If we have to make an extra trip to the rental property, a mileage charge will be applied.