Birthday Lawn Signs Guelph    

Surprise Signs Guelph.

If you have a reason to celebrate, forget the old card & say it in the yard !   Check out our Surprise Signs below.  
We can  deliver the most fun and unique lawn greetings signs in the         Tri-City area. Whether it is a anniversary , welcome home , a retirement  , birthday , party or any occasion you can think of,  our personalized displays will surely bring a smile.
How about a office party ?
Make your co-workers Birthday one to remember and for all to enjoy !
How about a business promotion ?
Our customized eye-catching displays will bring attention to your Grand Openings In- Store Specials.
Planning a Proposal but don’t know how?
We can plant your surprise in the early morning and you take all the credit!

Simply no other company compares to our Birthday Signs Service Guelph .


Planning Experience
With years of event planning experience you can rest assured we will deliver on time and accommodate last minute orders. Give us a call & we will try our best to make your request happen!  We offer easy payment options, flexible delivery times & special rates for DIY’s.
Let us spread smiles in your neighbourhood and celebrate our new location here in Guelph , Waterloo , Kitchener , Cambridge Ontario.

Here are the Large Surprise Signs that we Carry Below !

   Muscle Man , Champagne bottle , Birthday Cake , Princess,  Bull Dog , Beautiful Betty , Skunk , Cartoon Dog , Cake.
Muscle Man Lawn Sign with Stiletto Shoes and Lips Lawn Ornaments

Muscle Man


Champagne Bottle Lawn Sign with Hearts and Lips

Champagne Bottle






Skunk Lawn Sign



Beautiful Betty Red Lawn Sign

Beautiful Betty




Dog Lawn Sign with Puppy Dog Lawn Ornaments




Bull Dog Lawn Sign

Bull Dog

Here are the Lawn Ornaments that we Carry ;
 Flamingos , Hearts , Pigs , Candles , Cupcakes , Suckers ,Pucks , Stilettos ,Beer Mugs, Smiley Faces , Lips , Doggies  , 40s , 50s.

Doggie Lawn Ornament


Heart Lawn Ornament






candle lawn ornaments


Canadian Hockey Puck Lawn Ornament

Hockey Pucks

plastic pink flamingos guelph

Pink Flamingos

Stileto lawn ornament


Cupcake lawn ornaments

Cupcake lawn

Smiley Face Lawn Ornament

Smiley Faces

Beer Mug Lawn Ornament

Beer Mugs

Lips Lawn Ornament